Educating beings with quality for the future

Process of permanent training, personal, cultural and social that is based on an integral conception of the human being, of its dignity, its rights and its duties. Liceo Bilingüe El Poblado works in order that education to be the MAIN tool of social CONVERSION fulfilling quality standards and so achieve that our students ARE the most educated of the country.

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We are quality

Educating quality human beings. Live sowing seeds and reaping joy, positive vibes, based on experience, education, training and above all Living.

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Quality in education

Ensures all young people the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to relate/associate them for adult life.

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Academic and personal progress

Facilitate personal, organizational and material resources, adjusted to the needs of each student so that everyone can have opportunities that will promote their academic and personal progress as much as possible.

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Coexistence manual

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